Have you ever thought about
all the billions of nooks and corners
around the world that just
aren't being used...?
From the name itself, CornerCollection’s purpose is to bring the best out of limited spaces. With the sleek design and high functionality, CornerCollection products will definitely be something people definitely need.
So far there has been almost no clever, well-designed & practical furniture for this essential part of our apartment.
We want to finally activate this unused area of ​our living space!
The Berlin design office studio michael hilgers develops innovative corner solutions for us, which are then produced by local workshops and factories worldwide and sold directly to their customers on site - because for us, producing high-quality individual furniture locally is the only sustainable way to solve universal living space problems.
Minimalistic furnitures do not have to be very boring and expensive, and our team at CornerCollection has many solutions to the aforementioned problems.
Using locally produced, sustainable, and environment-friendly materials, we bring you bespoke, yet unique products to suit your needs. (Made in Indonesia)
We are the forefront of the new era of furniture industry and we are ready to change the world.